M representaciones S.A. de C.V. was founded in San Salvador, Republic of El Salvador on August of 1991, with the purpose to provide specialized service to all Shippers and Consignees in our country, providing AIR, LAND and OCEAN SERVICE (ocean and land service includes FULL Container loads and LCL or less than a container load)

We initiated operations with the perspective of satisfying the request of our customers who demanded the highest quality standards and good service for their transportation needs,,,,with a totally personalized service in all our departments, thinking that it is of utmost importance an excellent service, as well as an excellent customer relationship

We are proud members of ASAC ( EL Salvador Cargo Agents Association),,,,,with whom we have assisted in developing many and important aspects of the International Commerce for our country.

We are also members of El Salvador Chamber of Commerce and Industryra de Comercio e Industria de El Salvador.



Our " Personal touch in business" will allow us to achieve those goals stated in our Vision, providing reliable, trustworthy services, with reasonable costs and prices with a PLUS of a totally personalized service, focused on both , the cargo service and our personal attention to customers, more than any other aspect, generating such impact that the name of our company stays in the mind and memory of our customers in a very positive way, making sure our customers want use our services every time they have a cargo transportation need.

All our efforts then, are focused to provide excellent benefits to our customers, to our employees, to our friends and companies with whom we share the honor and the privilege of sharing our common commercial activities.

Our Vision is not only focused in the development and growing of Our company, and become one the top best service providers in our industry, but also We want that our company be part of growing and development of moral, ethical and Christian values, for the benefits of our community and as well as carrying and preaching the name of our Lord Jesus Christ , who is the only One who can change and make a better world for all mankind.
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